Unique Flooring Ideas for your Interiors

April 27, 2015 11:01 am

When it comes to your flooring, you don’t just have to choose between wood or carpet. There’s a huge number of options if you’re willing to work a little longer for a unique interior. Most of these options aren’t even very expensive – for example, the penny floor is just £1.44 per square foot. – sometimes, it definitely pays to think outside the box.

bottlecap floor

For example, the majority of materials for this floor are basically free (if you’re really, really into your beer). From further away, the bottle caps look like an intricate pattern but you can see what they really are when you look a little closer. It’s a great talking point and fantastic way to add a unique feature to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

penny floor hippodrome

Or if you prefer something a little different, you can take a leaf out of the Hippodrome’s book and create a floor made of pennies. It’s surprisingly cheap to do and the sheen is just beautiful.

mirrored floor

If you’re not too superstitious, how about a broken mirror floor? Just smash up some mirrors and make sure that your cover them with a clear plastic so that they’re safe.

vinyl record floor

Or, if you prefer the look of records to shards of glass, this LP floor (photographed by Indabelle) is perfect. Just make sure that you don’t use your favourites!

Choosing the Right Material

As you can see, you can use a variety of materials to make your floor. Ultimately, they need to be safe, durable, and relatively flat. Even if you don’t want to go through the pain of gluing 5000 pennies to the floor of your loft conversion, you can use paint or tiles to give yourself an unusual and cheap floor. Just painting your floorboards or using reclaimed wood can lift the room.

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