8 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood

April 22, 2015 12:55 pm

Reclaimed wood is a beautiful and eco-friendly material – the textures and colours can be richer than newly-felled timber, and the impact on the environment is incredibly low (even when using a lot of the material). Adding reclaimed wood features to your loft conversion is a fantastic way of grounding a new room and making it seem more settled into the house.


Simple design touches such as globes and trays can add new textures and colours to a room without being overbearing. We love these twinned reclaimed wood globes –  they’d be perfect for an opulent home office or library.

reclaimed wood globes

reclaimed wood traysreclaimed wood box

Tables and Desks

If you’re adding a kitchen, dining room, self contained flat, or home office to your home, reclaimed wood offers an ergonomic and tactile material. There’s no need to opt for complex designs or finishes, just bring out the natural colour and grains of the wood for maximum effect.

reclaimed wood tablereclaimed wood table

It’s also the perfect material for a desk with a bit more character. You can even use planks or crates to create designs on the table top and sides.

reclaimed wood desk

Textured Walls

Why settle for paintings or wall hangings when you can have an entire wall full of different textures, finishes, colours, and grains? It’s a cheap and effective way of making the room more interesting without adding bulky furniture or expensive artwork.

reclaimed wood wall

Baths and Sinks

People with wooden baths rave about how tactile and warm the surfaces are. They’re surprisingly long-lasting and make a real impact. Wood treatments stop the material from warping or degrading, but it does require slightly more maintenance than a standard porcelain bath.

reclaimed wood bath


Thank you to Juhan Sonin, Wicker Paradise, and Indo Gemstone for the images.


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