3 Bathroom Decorating Trends for Your Loft

April 9, 2015 10:39 am

Getting a professional interior designer for your loft conversion can be expensive, especially for the bathroom when you can do plenty of the decorating yourself. If you’re lost for ideas and overwhelmed by the variety on sites like Pinterest and Houzz, here are a few of our favourite trends and ideas.

Wooden Details

Because of the moisture a lot of people avoid using wood in the bathroom, but it can be treated to avoid absorbing water and looks absolutely beautiful.

You can even make some shelving yourself – 7thhouseontheleft.com has a really easy tutorial and you can buy the materials relatively cheaply. Small touches like this make your bathroom unique without breaking the bank.


If shelving isn’t quite enough for you, how about a wooden sink? This one from woodworkerz.com is simple but beautiful.


Or, for something more natural, you could try a slab of living edge wood with a sink placed into it.


Industrial Styling

It’s actually surprisingly easy to give a bathroom an industrial edge – just a few details are enough to add some interest without making you feel like you’re in a boiler cupboard. Etsy is a goldmine for this sort of thing – check out what we found.

industrial bathroom light

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industrial tp holder

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The Ultimate Shower

You just can’t beat a good shower, and instead of adding small details you could use a functional part of your bathroom as a focal point (and spend your extra budget on installing an amazing rain shower or multi-head shower system.

rain shower

A rain shower like this one from artdesignbuild.com has the added bonus of not having glass walls that you need to clean.

ultimate shower 2015

Or you could go all out with a double shower, multi-head system and a rain shower.

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