Building a Home Library isn’t as Hard as You Think…

December 16, 2014 2:16 pm

If you were one of the kids more excited by the the library than the fairy tale in Beauty and the Beast, you’ll be pleased to know that libraries are fairly easy to build into a loft conversion. We often recommend that you turn it into a home office with additional book space, but if you prefer to keep technology and desks out of your sanctuary, that’s always an option.

Ultimately, these spaces only need additional shelving and a little planning to make sure that you have all of the shelf space, light, and seating that you need. Remember to build lots of room for expansion and somewhere comfortable to enjoy you’re literature, and you’re set.

classic library

Choose a Style

When most people think of libraries, they think of the image above; dark wood, chesterfields, hardbacks, and silence. If that’s not quite your style, there are plenty of spacious and modern options to fit your taste. The decor is extremely changeable, but it’s important that you make the right choice for your shelves; these are often the most expensive part of the decoration so picking the right wood, finish, and size is essential.

library loft conversion

Make Layout Decisions Before Building

Layouts can be changed, but it’s always best to have a good idea of how you want the end result to look before it’s built. That way, you can have your shelves made to fit the space and you can make decisions about partitions. It’s also helpful to know how much space you’ll eventually have. Building shelves for Velux conversions where you need to follow the pitch of the roof can be difficult. Most clients opt to have shelves that go half way up the wall, and others that lean against vertical walls. You can also have small shelf islands or create partitions.

loft conversion library

Don’t Neglect Other Parts of the Loft Conversion

We tend to recommend that you add a bathroom onto your loft conversion – additional bathrooms are always functional, and ideally a home should have one per floor as a minimum. It can be more costly to add a bathroom after your loft conversion has been completed than it would be to simply plan it from the beginning. If you would like multi-functional rooms, or to build a number of rooms with the library as just one part of it, it’s important that this is planned well in advance so that your designs fit your requirements.

loft library

 Have Bespoke Furniture Made

Fitted shelves really make all of the difference; the feel of the room is defined by the style, and getting bespoke furniture really means that you can make the most of your room and the shapes within it (rather than trying to wedge furniture where it will fit). It also means that you can add further storage behind your shelves to make the most of the angles and your additional rooms.

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