Velux Loft Conversion Gallery

October 16, 2014 10:43 am


When planning and designing your loft conversion, it’s important to have a good idea of what your finished loft conversion will look like.

Velux conversions are the most popular conversion type in London and the surrounding areas – they rarely require planning permission, and are often cheaper than Dormer or Hip to Gable loft conversions because there are far fewer changes made to the roof. However, it can be hard to visualise what your dark and dusty loft space will look like when the conversion is completed. Velux conversions often have no ceiling, just the pitch of the roof creating walls that eventually close in.

That’s why we’ve put together a small gallery so that you can see what a Velux loft conversion will look like – both inside and out. We hope that this will make it easier to furnish your loft conversion and create the design that you want.

blue velux bedroom

If you are creating a new bedroom, it’s usually a good idea to push the bed against the vertical wall to ensure that you don’t hit your head against your wall in the mornings! The sides of your loft conversion may not be usable, so you may want to add built in cupboards to use this space as storage.

modern bathroom with velux

Velux windows maintain privacy in bathrooms while letting in plenty of light. A lot of clients tell us that they love taking baths and looking at the stars.

modern velux bathroom
nursery bedroom velux windows

The window also let in a surprising amount of light because of their angles. You can see that the nursery bedroom above only has small windows, clustered at the end of the room, but the space is still very well lit and feels light and airy. The pale colours certainly play a part, but Dormer windows would not let in the same amount of light because of their angle.

small velux loft conversion bedroom bathroom velux bathroom window velux minimal bedroom


Velux windows only have a minimal effect on the exterior of your house. They fit in with most architecture types, whether you have a traditional or modern home. If you have multiple storeys already, the Velux windows may not even be visible. velux windows exterior house velux windows on traditional house

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