Introducing Natural Light and Space to Your Loft Conversion

October 9, 2014 10:37 am

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Designing a loft conversion is an exciting creative process, but it’s important that you make the most of the light and space available to ensure that your new rooms feel comfortable. Natural light is incredibly important to living spaces, whether you’re creating a bedroom, home gym, living area, or even a kitchen in your loft.

Natural Light

Loft conversions are usually extremely light and airy because of the angles of the windows and the fact that there are fewer buildings obstructing light.

Dormer windows can be as small or large as your home’s architecture allows – in addition to letting in plenty of light, these windows increase the amount of head room and floor space in your loft conversion. Some clients even choose to turn their dormer windows into a Juliette balcony, which may require planning permission but can add a touch of luxury to your loft conversion and even introduce the idea of outside space.

Velux windows let in more light than standard home windows because of their upwards angle. This means that you don’t need as many windows, or as much glass, to let in enough light to make your room feel fresh and comfortable.

Making the Most of Available Light

Your decorating can have an impact on how the light interacts with your room and how light the room feels. These simple tips can help you to make the most of the light coming in to your new loft conversion:

  1. Use pale colours: we all know that whites and neutral tones can make rooms seem larger, but they also reflect more light from the walls to make the space seem brighter too.
  2. Keep window dressing minimal: don’t crowd your window with very heavy curtains or layered curtains. Keeping your windows clear is the easiest way to let more light into your room.
  3. Consider light laminate/wood flooring or pale carpets: these make the room seem even brighter (and will blend in with your pale walls).
  4. Add mirrors: mirrors reflect light, so as well as making the room seem bigger you’re almost introducing a new light source, without the expense of additional electricity.

Spacious Loft Conversions

Rooms in loft conversions are often more spacious than the rest of the house, simply because people don’t cram as many rooms into a full-house loft conversion as they would on the ground or first floor of the house. If you design intelligently, you can really make your loft conversion feel luxurious by keeping it open plan or using other tricks to open up the rooms.

Mezzanine loft conversions can separate the space into different areas without the limitations that walls bring. You will need a lot of headroom to do this, but it comes with the added benefit of being able to use the space underneath for storage.

Reducing clutter can make spaces seem bigger, so building plenty of storage space into your loft conversion is another fantastic way to make the most of your new rooms. The awkward angles made by the pitch of the roof aren’t usable living space, so adding some fitted furniture to turn those spaces into cupboards provides plenty of areas to store items without having them lying around the main room.

You can even use furniture as walls instead of building them – book shelves are a beautiful substitute for standard walls. Even if you fit bookshelves to the ceiling, being able to see through them adds a feeling of space while separating different living areas within your loft conversion.


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