Mezzanine Loft Conversions – Taking it Up a Level

August 22, 2014 11:14 am

Furnishing loft conversions can be awkward due to the angles and the unusual spaces that they make. We’ve suggested adding fitted furniture to loft conversions, but these amazing bedrooms take it a step further and actually build their loft conversion around their bedroom. Mezzanine levels are a fantastic way to open up your loft conversion and add more functions to the rooms without creating clutter or overfilling the room.

Creating a separate mezzanine area can give the room a second purpose and make the most of your roof space.

mezzanine loft conversion

If you don’t want the elevated area to go across your entire loft conversion, you can create a small study area. The clean, separate section reduces your distractions and lets you add more furniture to the room without cluttering it.

loft conversion with study space

Kids would love a mezzanine bed, and have even more room to play or do their homework once the bed has been taken off the floor. Beds take up the majority of a bedroom’s floorspace, so removing them can create a huge number of opportunities.

loft conversion children's bedroom

You can even create multiple bunk beds or seating areas, each with their own window to make the most of the natural light.

loft conversion bunk beds in wall

Mezzanine levels are fantastic if you are creating a loft conversion to rent as a flat for a lodger or for adult children who are moving home. Loft conversion flats can take inspiration from the miniature house craze to maximise space by building different levels within a single loft conversion. The bedroom often requires the most privacy, so creating a separate level for the bed will section off different areas without creating smaller rooms.

loft mezzanine bed

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