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Adult Children Living at Home? You May Need More Room

June 18, 2014 12:16 pm

With property prices increasing and issues in the jobs market, more and more adult children are moving back in with their parents and living at home. Most parents don’t imagine that they’ll be sharing their living space with their children when they’re 20 or 30-something, and it can have a huge impact on privacy and relationships.

Even with larger homes, children moving back in from university or from their own homes are used to a degree of privacy and freedom that they didn’t have when they were teenagers. Loft conversions and house extensions are booming as parents try to make more space for their returning brood.

More Adults Moving Back in with Mum and Dad

The Office for National Statistics has shown that in 2013 3.3million 20-34 year olds were living with their parents – the highest number since records began in 1996. A survey by the Royal mail also shows that almost half of all parents who moved house recently have ‘traded up’ because they expected children to stay with them until their late 20s.

As living with adult children loses its stigma, we expect to see yet more people choosing to change their homes to prepare for adult children to move back home, sometimes even with their partners.

Living Arrangements with Adult Children

Many parents are choosing to create flats within their loft conversions, rather than single rooms to provide separate living quarters for their children. Adding a bedroom and bathroom is fairly standard, as these are the most popular loft conversion types, but parents are often opting to add in a kitchenette as well.

When considering these additions, it’s important to think about how items will be added to the loft conversion (so are the stairs large enough to fit a dishwasher, for example) and whether you would prefer the access to be private as well. Not all homes can support a separate entrance to the conversion, but the investment may be worth if you would like to rent out the additional flat once your children leave.

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