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Protect The Heat In Your Home

May 13, 2014 2:03 pm

Energy Price Increases

The government have recently been talking about the possibility of making energy providers supply a fairer, more transparent and more cost effective (for the consumer) service across the board. There have been some successes in this policy with energy suppliers soon to provide clear information on bills regarding customer energy usage / expenditure and beneficial tariff information.

As welcome as these new measures are it would be foolish to think that energy prices will reduce or even remain constant for the foreseeable future.  The question that we are all faced with now is this – How do we protect ourselves from this inevitable financial burden?

Unfortunately there is nothing that the ordinary person can do to change the energy companies pricing policies however there are some things that we can all do to minimise the financial damage and potentially actually make money from our investment.

Loft Insulation

It has become clear that even in this day and age many people either don’t properly understand the real financial benefits of loft insulation or put it off until “tomorrow” – which sometimes never comes.

Some energy suppliers are still offering free cavity wall and loft insulation to help home owners save money on their fuel bills. This offer is heavily dependent on contract terms and conditions but, if you qualify, it is one that should be looked into sooner rather than later as it will not last forever.

If your property does not qualify for free loft or cavity wall insulation and does not have adequate protection at present you will need to pay a professional installer to provide you with wall insulation – loft insulation, for some, is a different matter.

Loft insulation materials are available from most, if not all, major DIY stores and are relatively easy to install as long as you are able to climb into your loft space and lay them correctly. If you are unable to do this it is relatively inexpensive to hire a company to do it for you and give you the proper advice on exactly what materials are most suited to your individual property. This will save money on heating bills throughout the year.

What are the Benefits of Loft Insulation?

Converting a loft into a usable space not only provides the extra space required but also dramatically helps to reduce energy bills due to the excellent insulation properties that come as standard with this kind of home improvement.

Up to 25% of the heat in a property can be lost through the roof due to inadequate loft insulation and over time this very quickly mounts up to a considerable amount of money. Adding valuable space and value to the property with the additional benefits of increased insulation is quite possibly the best choice one could make when considering long term home finances and current property investment. Obviously the loft insulation option is cheaper than a loft conversion but loft insulation will not add space or up to ¼ of the total value of the property when installed.

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