Which Loft Conversion Design is right for me?

April 10, 2014 10:46 am


When choosing a loft conversion design there are many considerations to take into account before finally deciding on exactly what is right for you, your family and general lifestyle; below we have provided some helpful advice that will enable you to make this important decision with confidence.
There are several factors to take into account when considering a loft conversion design and installation:

  • Will you require Planning Permission?
  • The existing roof structure
  • Your personal ideas / requirements
  • The advice and recommendations of the professional architect and design team

Loft Conversion Planning Permission

Due to a change in government policy most loft conversions do not currently require planning permission and can be carried out using your permitted development rights. In the case of a typical terraced house you are now permitted to build up to 50m3 which can be divided between a standard structural conversion and a loft conversion.

Even if you have already used up some of your permitted development allowance there is a very good chance that a loft conversion will be permitted. An experienced survey team will properly advise you on this matter.

Existing Roof Structure

The existing roof structure of your property will have a direct effect on the type of loft conversion that you will be able to achieve. Even if the structure of your property seems limited there are many ingenious ways in which a professional, experienced loft conversion design team can create a valuable living space.

Your Loft Conversion Ideas & Requirements

Anyone considering a loft conversion will have a “plan” for its intended use, professional advice and ideas that you may not have considered, could potentially add to the overall functionality of the space created.

A very good example of this is a loft conversion for an extra bedroom – the addition of an en-suite bathroom may not have been originally intended or even considered but, if viable, could dramatically change your entire plan for this space. An expert design team will help you to choose the right plan for your lifestyle.

Loft Conversion Advice

The internet is literally jam packed with advice on almost everything and there are many images of stunning loft conversions to tickle your fancy. All of this information is great to look at and an extremely good source of ideas however, you are in control of your styling / design and the look of your home, your lifestyle and personal requirements should determine the finished product.

One of the very best pieces of advice that any reputable loft conversion company will give you is this – added space to your home is not only an investment in your property but also a valuable space for your existing requirements.

Practicality is key when determining the layout of any loft conversion to make the space somewhere that you and your family can use but also something that will attract future buyers if you decide to sell your property.

A professional design team will help you determine the correct approach to your loft conversion.

Generally there are four main types of loft conversion:

All of the above mentioned loft conversions can be constructed for a wide variety of uses and will add valuable space to your home.

Select one of the above four loft conversion types to view more information on the individual style and potential functionality that we can provide both you and your family.

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