Loft Conversions Add Most Onto House Value

February 4, 2014 4:22 pm

Property programmes have taught us that a lick of paint or a new bathroom can help sell a house faster or even improve the value of your house. A survey has now shown that loft conversions are the best way to add value to your house, with 99% of people who converted their lofts reporting an increase in house value.

Other ways to improve house value included room extensions, conservatories, new kitchens, and new windows. However, 35% of valuers claimed that painting only makes the house more attractive rather than adding value to the price.

Loft conversions are also a popular choice due to the versatility of the increased space. Conservatories, for example, only have a fixed use while a loft conversion can be used for anything at all without encroaching on valuable outside space.

The least successful ways of adding value to a home included resurfacing the drive and re-carpeting the house, with 38% of people claiming that the new carpet did nothing to the value of their home when they came to sell.




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