Loft Conversions

Why Invest in a Loft Conversion?

There are many reasons for investing in a loft conversion but the underlying purpose for all home owners is to increase living space and add extra value to the property.

Most attics remain unused or simply stuffed full of junk that never even gets sorted through. A professional loft conversion will not only free up this valuable space but will also add increased insulation to your home, saving money on heating bills throughout the year.

Great Uses for a New Loft Conversion

We have over 10 years’ experience in all areas of the attic conversion business and have, over that time, performed numerous conversions. Some of the most popular uses for this extra space are:

  • Extra bedrooms
  • Bathrooms or ensuites for a bedroom conversion
  • Home gyms
  • Home offices
  • Nursery/playrooms or games rooms
  • Lounge spaces
  • Craft rooms

The Loft Conversion Process – What We Do

Virtually all lofts can be converted; the type and style of the conversion can sometimes depend on the individual property and any local planning limitations that may be in force. We are experts in matching the existing materials and style of the property to maintain continuity and character,creating a seamless transition between new and old.

We  fully insured with a highly experienced team that will handle the entire process from finance and architectural services through design, planning and building regulations, to full project management and work guarantees.